Suèter de punt llistat
54,00 € 135,00 €
66,00 € 165,00 € Esgotat
Suèter de punt estampat 'Toile de Jouy'
68,00 € 170,00 € Esgotat
Suèter de punt
78,00 € 155,00 €
Suèter de punt
70,00 € 140,00 €
Armilla de punt stretch
80,00 € 160,00 €
Suèter llarg de màniga curta
83,00 € 165,00 €
Suèter de punt de viscosa llistat
60,00 € 150,00 € Esgotat
74,00 € 185,00 € Esgotat
Jersei de màniga curta japonesa
80,00 € 160,00 €
Suèter de falç canalé de punt
68,00 € 170,00 €
68,00 € 135,00 € Esgotat
Suèter de punt
90,00 € 180,00 €
Polo de punt
73,00 € 145,00 €
62,00 € 155,00 € Esgotat
85,00 € 170,00 € Esgotat
Suèter de punt amb vius llistats
Suèter de punt amb vius llistats
Feel the quality of Naulover's new collection of jumpers for women, a selection of unique garments that will complete your looks perfectly this season. Discover knit jumpers in fine, lightweight fabrics that will become essential items in your wardrobe. Set yourself apart with our wide selection of oversize, short sleeve or sleeveless jumpers in minimalist and modern designs for fashion lovers who seek functionality without losing style: white, navy, cream or light pink jumpers, traditional hues that are always in vogue, adapting perfectly to any outfit. A great example of this are the timeless white and navy striped jumpers, a true classic.

Elegant and timeless knit jumpers for women

If you want to add a more vibrant and energetic touch of colour to your everyday looks, opt for fuchsia pink, coral or orange jumpers that combine elegance and modern fashion. Choose the latest printed, contrasting or colour block knitted jumpers, urban pieces that can add an original touch to casual looks, or that can complete your more formal office outfits with some flair. Combine them with sophisticated wide-leg trousers, skirts, blazers or matching knit jackets from our collection and create your own style without compromising comfort.

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